Often the simplest and most humble of things have the most emotional impact. This morning I saw two images that stopped me in my tracks, and then sent me off on a highly rewarding tangent.

I normally prefer to generate my own content (flawed as it is) even if that means I post less often. But today I’d just like to share my discoveries:

Kouzaki Hiromu was a master carpenter who, when he retired, started making envelopes from old and found scraps of paper. His granddaughter Fujii Sakuko assembled a collection of them and they’ve been exhibited in Japan and published as a book. They are being shown in Gallery Two of the Douglas Hyde Gallery in Dublin from 25th November to 25th January.

This photo is from Garance Dore’s blog today, and I stumbled on it seconds after Grandfather’s envelopes. It just seemed to resonate.

While reading about Hiromu I came across a word I wasn’t familiar with: Boro. These are Japanese textiles, usually indigo, reused, recycled, stitched and over-stitched and passed down the generations. There is so much soul in these textiles that what was considered a necessity for impoverished Japanese has since become a collectible. Click here for a brief appreciation of the form.


Photos from Douglas Hyde Gallery, Garance Dore and Accidental Mysteries.


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